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Thanks for such a quick response! Thank you for great customer service!
- Eleanor B., Virginia

Thank you so much for the quick response! You definitely stand apart from the crowd when it comes to customer service these days.
- Rick R., Texas

Thank you SO much for your prompt response to my call. The UPS truck delivered it today around 4:30, so all is well. I very much appreciate the service your company provides.
- Julie W., Kansas

I can't express enough how great and quick their customer service is.  They are truly customer oriented. I just wish other businesses were as good. As you can tell I am singing their praises to all my friends.
- Holly R., Kansas

Had a question about my order and the owner called me. I was very impressed! Great communication, fast shipping and great product. Love my new Outlast Cooling mattress pad!!
- Karly M., TN

Good customer service is easy, Great customer service is tough. You went above good customer service. It is not the amount, it is continued communication. Much appreciated!!
- Sondra. W., CT

Thank you so very much for personally handling my dilemma.  Your kindness is appreciated. Indeed it is both refreshing and solace-giving to work with a company more interested in customer satisfaction than money made.
- Karen B., WA

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Outlast Sleep System-BEYOND PREMIER (Beyond Pad, Comforter and Sheet Set)
Outlast Sleep System-BEYOND PREMIER (Beyond Pad, Comforter and Sheet Set)
How Outlast Works! Outlast Comforter Sheets Beyond Basics Pad Beyond Basics Pad Colors
Our price: $415.08

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 Outlast Sleep System-BEYOND PREMIER (Beyond Basics Pad, Comforter and Sheet Set)

The "Not too Hot, Not too Cold™" system that responds to your body temperature to keep you perfectly cool or warm and comfortable through the night.
Outlast® Technology was used by astronauts in the US Space Program and is a NASA Certified Space Technology!
Outlast® Technology is used in many other products with different names. Many of these products have been featured on television, radio, magazines, and other media; but in order to be sure that you are getting genuine Outlast® quality make sure that you look for the Outlast® name and symbol!


OUR BEST SYSTEM - This Outlast® system includes an Outlast® Beyond Basics Mattress Pad, a lightweight Outlast® Comforter and a Outlast® Sheet Set which includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and 2 pillow cases - at a discounted price.

According to the Better Sleep Council, temperature is one of the top four factors- among mattress comfort, light and noise level – that contribute to a good night’s sleep. While you’re tossing and turning you’re depriving yourself of valuable sleep.

People typically set their room temperature low at night then climb into bed and layer with covers. Heat radiating from the body is trapped beneath the covers and can prevent your body from cooling down, making it difficult to fall asleep. Outlast® bedding has the unique capability to continually absorb, store and release excess body heat to keep the temperature and humidity within your bed in the optimum range for restful sleep.

What is Outlast® technology?

Outlast® technology is the original temperature-regulating technology. Outlast® fabrics, fibers and coatings are ingredients found in everyday products and high performance gear such as bedding, footwear, apparel, outerwear and accessories.

How does it work?

Outlast® technology balances your temperature through the use of patented microencapsulated Thermocules that absorb and store excess heat, releasing it when you need it most.

Will Outlast® technology make me warmer...or cooler?

Outlast® technology continuously adapts to your changing thermal needs. Whether the environment is cold or warm, products with Outlast® technology balance your temperature by reducing overheating and therefore perspiration. When you are cold, the result is less chill. When you are warm, Outlast® technology works to keep your body from breaking a sweat as rapidly as if you were wearing products without Outlast® technology. You stay more comfortable longer.

Pad is Certified Gold Plus

Comforter is Gold Rated

Outlast Silver Certified

 Sheets are Silver Rated

Appeals to people who experience night sweats such as women exhibiting symptoms associated with menopause.

Keeps you not too hot, not too cold® but just right
* Reduces overheating
* Provides thermal compatibility with your partner
* Balances temperatures under the covers
* Helps you sleep more soundly

1. QUEEN: Queen Beyond Pad, Queen Comforter and Queen Sheet Set
2. KING:
King Beyond Pad, King Comforter and King Sheet Set   
Cal King Beyond Pad, Cal King Comforter and Cal King Sheet Set

Satisfaction Guarantee -

Try it - if you don't like it, return it within 15 days of receiving it and get a full refund of the product purchase price of pad and comforter (excluding shipping). Subject to terms and conditions of Return Policy.

Note: Sheets are not returnable.

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