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Thanks for such a quick response! Thank you for great customer service!
- Eleanor B., Virginia

Thank you so much for the quick response! You definitely stand apart from the crowd when it comes to customer service these days.
- Rick R., Texas

Thank you SO much for your prompt response to my call. The UPS truck delivered it today around 4:30, so all is well. I very much appreciate the service your company provides.
- Julie W., Kansas

I can't express enough how great and quick their customer service is.  They are truly customer oriented. I just wish other businesses were as good. As you can tell I am singing their praises to all my friends.
- Holly R., Kansas

Had a question about my order and the owner called me. I was very impressed! Great communication, fast shipping and great product. Love my new Outlast Cooling mattress pad!!
- Karly M., TN

Good customer service is easy, Great customer service is tough. You went above good customer service. It is not the amount, it is continued communication. Much appreciated!!
- Sondra. W., CT

Thank you so very much for personally handling my dilemma.  Your kindness is appreciated. Indeed it is both refreshing and solace-giving to work with a company more interested in customer satisfaction than money made.
- Karen B., WA

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SoftHeat Triple Rib Low Voltage Electric Blanket
SoftHeat Triple Rib Low Voltage Electric Blanket
Beige Garnet Nightshadow Blue Sage Green Natural
Our price: $76.50


SoftHeat Triple Rib Low Voltage Electric Blanket

Perfect Fit’s Soft Heat Electric Blanket allows you to save energy by sleeping better in cooler room. Available in a variety of colors, this electric warming blanket uses low voltage technology to heat ultra thin elements within the blanket. Their patented low voltage technology uses ultrafine wires. These wires are so fine they are almost impossible to find. Wires are wrapped in soft fiberfill which insulates the heat, increasing warmth and overall comfort. 

Electric wires used in traditional warming products are bulky and spaced 5 inches apart, allowing wires to shift easily, which leads to hot and cold spots.  They use an inner fabric we call a “carriage,” so our fine wires are spaced less than 3 inches apart in tight channels that prevent wires from shifting, resulting in warm even heating. They also have fewer hot and cold spots on the wire itself.

Combined with the softest plush fabrics, low voltage technology provides the ultimate in comfort. Low voltage technology converts 110 volts AC current, to 18 to 24 volts of safe DC current. This makes these the safest warming products on the market. So safe you can touch the bare wires even underwater!!  Low voltage warming products are the only warming products classified as non-hazardous by UL. They shut off after 10 hours and have over heat protection for extra safety.

Save On Energy

It is easy to save money with their low voltage blankets or mattress pads.  Just turn down your thermostat and save. The controller is easy to use and the large knob turns easily.  Large back lit numbers are easy to read. Preheat function, ten personalized settings, and two controllers for queen and king sizes allow for personalized comfort. The controller removes easily so our products are easy care. The inner carriage means no stretching or pulling after washing. 

The microfleece fabric is washer and dryer safe, and both durable and soft to the touch. The Soft Heat electric blanket gives you heat, warmth, and reliability.

    #1 Most Comfortable Heated Blanket

    #1 Safest Heated Blanket

    #1 Reliable Even Warming

Relax and enjoy the softest, coziest nights’ sleep in this high quality heating blanket. We all know that electric heating blankets can save money on your heating bill, now you can enjoy the comfy warmth with no hot or cold spots thanks to ultra-thin wires are imperceptible to the touch.

·         Exclusive "Low voltage" technology

·         Ultra thin heating elements are virtually unnoticeable

·         Stylish rib design fabric is soft and durable

·         Fully machine washable and dryable

·         Auto pre-heat; 10 hour automatic shut-off for safety

·         5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

·          Fabric: 100% Polyester

·          UL Listed to assure safety

·          Heats up in less than 15 minutes

When first turned on, the control pre-warms at its highest setting. After a few minutes it automatically returns to your preselected comfort settings. And the best part is that you never have to worry about shutting it off. The control will automatically turn itself off after 10 hours.

The World's Safest Heated Blankets & Mattress Pads!

Soft Heat warming products provide warmth and comfort without the thick wires and uneven heating of most other products. The revolutionary low-voltage technology adds the reassuring element of safety making Soft Heat® The World's Safest Heated Blanket® and The World's Safest Heated Mattress Pad®.

These products are UL and cUL listed which means they have gone through and continue to go through rigorous testing and even abusive and life testing at the UL laboratories to assure safety. Furthermore, low voltage cannot hurt you. Because they use direct current in their heater, the question of EMF's goes away completely. No one in the scientific community has ever questioned the safety of direct current EMF's. Consumer research states that SAFETY is the #1 purchase driver for this type of product.

It's a proven fact that warming blankets/pads will save energy! You can turn your thermostat down and still stay toasty warm. For each degree you turn down your home thermostat for 8 hours at night, you will save more than 1 % on your monthly heating bill.

Soft Heat Electric Blanket Measurements:

King: 100" x 90" (82 watts per side/Dual controls)

Queen: 90" x 84"(82 watts per side/Dual controls)

Full: 84" x 80" (102 watts/Single control)

Twin: 84" x 62" (82 watts/Single control)



Sage Green

Nightshadow Blue



Safety Information:

Do not use electric blankets with infants, small children, and anyone who cannot operate the controls properly. Do not use on waterbeds, pull out sofas or adjustable beds. Use extra care with anyone who is insensitive to heat including diabetics.Never use in combination with any other electric pads or blankets. do not use with dogs, cats, and other pets.


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