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Thanks for such a quick response! Thank you for great customer service!
- Eleanor B., Virginia

Thank you so much for the quick response! You definitely stand apart from the crowd when it comes to customer service these days.
- Rick R., Texas

Thank you SO much for your prompt response to my call. The UPS truck delivered it today around 4:30, so all is well. I very much appreciate the service your company provides.
- Julie W., Kansas

I can't express enough how great and quick their customer service is.  They are truly customer oriented. I just wish other businesses were as good. As you can tell I am singing their praises to all my friends.
- Holly R., Kansas

Had a question about my order and the owner called me. I was very impressed! Great communication, fast shipping and great product. Love my new Outlast Cooling mattress pad!!
- Karly M., TN

Good customer service is easy, Great customer service is tough. You went above good customer service. It is not the amount, it is continued communication. Much appreciated!!
- Sondra. W., CT

Thank you so very much for personally handling my dilemma.  Your kindness is appreciated. Indeed it is both refreshing and solace-giving to work with a company more interested in customer satisfaction than money made.
- Karen B., WA

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Pure Sleep Gel HR (High Resiliency) Foam Topper
Pure Sleep Gel HR (High Resiliency) Foam Topper
Bamboo Cover Temperature Graph Clinical Trial Latex Standard Bed Bug Proof
Our price: $399.00


PureSleep™ Gel Toppers

If your objective was to find the healthiest mattress toppers available, then we would like to introduce you to our PureSleep™ Series of 100% Global Certified Organic Latex.  Our objective was to create for you the purest, most comfortable sleep experience possible. The result is the latest in an all-natural topper that pulls excess heat from the body and also provides excellent orthopedic support for the entire spinal system. We take great care in making sure that we select natural materials and integrate them throughout the assembly process. From content to container we strive to eliminate the toxins with which your sleeping.  If organic latex is not right for you, you can take advantage of one of the other healthy alternatives in our gel enhanced Bio-foam or gel enhanced high resilency foam mattress toppers. 

  • 100% Eco-Friendly
  • No off-gassing of toxic fumes or bad odors
  • Hypoallergenic and prevents dust-mites, and mold
  • Anti-Microbial and never need washing
  • Contains a non-halgenic fire retardant

About The PureSleep ™

Unlike Conventional foams, the natural gel molds to the body and responds to shifts in weight. This allows for easier repositioning. This new technology can create a cooler sleep environment with its heat dissipating properties, which can draw heat away from the body or warm you up depending on which side of this reversible product you are using!

Increased Comfort w/ PureSleep ™

  • Optimum pressure reduction 
  • Improved circulation
  • Cooler sleep surface
  • Easier positioning
  • Stable and consistent support in all temperatures
  • Stratified layering allows us to up-grade or replace contents

What is the Difference between Pure-Sleep ™ Latex, Pure-Sleep ™ Memory Foam and Pure-Sleep ™ HR?

·         Pure-Sleep™ Latex uses exceptional quality high-resiliency latex, 100% natural Organic material. Unlike memory foam, this high-resiliency Latex base immediately bounces back to its original shape once weight is removed from it. Compared to memory foam, it is 25% lighter in weight and it provides an airy and responsive sleep surface.

·         Pure-Sleep™ Memory Foam uses exceptional quality memory foam as the base. It will conform to your body and temporarily keep that shape even when you shift your weight. It is heavier and denser than latex, and as a result, it provides an enveloping and luxurious sleep surface.

·         Pure-Sleep ™ HR uses superior quality high-resiliency (HR) foam.  Like Latex, this high-resiliency foam base immediately bounces back to its original shape once weight is removed from it. Compared to memory foam, it is 40% lighter in weight and it provides the most support by being the firmest  and continuing to be a responsive sleep surface.

Which Topper is Right for Me? HR,  Latex or Memory Foam?

Memory foams cost more to make than high-resiliency foams, so the Pure-Sleep™ Memory Foam topper is slightly more expensive than Pure-Sleep™ HR, however neither topper is necessarily better than the other.  It comes down to personal preference. All three toppers provide the same amount of pressure relief, temperature control, and orthopedic support from our patented material. The difference is in the foam. If you prefer to sleep on a thick, dense, heavy surface that will coddle you and keep you from moving around, Pure-Sleep™ Memory Foam is your best choice. If you prefer to sleep on a lighter-weight surface that has a little bounce, and 100% natural / Organic materials, Pure-Sleep™ Latex is your best choice. For a firm or if you want even more support, Pure-Sleep™ HR is the one for you.

Why Should I Buy a Pure-Sleep ™ Mattress Topper?

Pure-Sleep™ Mattress Toppers can improve your sleep situation in several ways. First, by improving your actual comfort, through the additional support you require.  Second, by extending the life of your current mattress for another 10-years.  Third, are the real health benefits from rejuvenation of mind and body, along with increased sleep quality.

By keeping the foam and Pure-Sleep™ polymer separate, and by using a geometric shape in the foam/gel pattern, Pure-Sleep™ mattress toppers actually provide structural support, unlike all other mattress toppers on the market today.  Therefore, Pure-Sleep™ toppers can actually extend the life of an otherwise spent mattress. Of course, whether topping a new mattress or an old mattress, Pure-Sleep™ toppers provide an unsurpassed level of comfort, as proven on the pressure mapping diagrams below.

 I See Other Gel Toppers On The Market.  Is Pure-Sleep ™ Really REVOLUTIONARY?

Some mattresses and toppers claim to have gel in them.  However most blend the “gel” into the foam. While these claims    are misleading at best, none of products do what they claim; they retain the same negative properties of regular foam. They are hot and have a toxic odor, due to the out gassing of the petroleum.  It’s just gimmicks and half-truths.




Pure-Sleep ™ HR

Specifications – 1” Proprietary Cooling Gel with 1” HR foam base, weights:

72" x 84" Calking (24) pounds of Pure-Sleep™ Cooling Gel

76" x 80" King (22) pounds of Pure-Sleep™ Cooling Gel

60" x 80" Queen (15) pounds of Pure-Sleep™ Cooling Gel

54" x 74" Full (13) pounds of Pure-Sleep™ Cooling Gel

38" x 80" TwinXL (10) pounds of Pure-Sleep™ Cooling gel

38" x 75" Twin (10) pounds of Pure-Sleep™ Cooling gel


Please Note: Toppers are custom made to order and can take up to 10 business days to ship.


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