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Moisture Wicking Sheets

Nidraa™ products feature patented Dri-release® with FreshGuard® yarn and fabric technology which offers quick wicking and fast drying of perspiration, to give you a peaceful sleep for extreme relaxation.

Nidraa products made with Dri-release® uses a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. The natural fibers absorb moisture pulling it off the skin and into the fabric. Synthetic fibers repel moisture, forcing it through to the surface of the garment where it evaporates quickly. So, Dri-release® moves sweat and moisture from the skin, through the fabric and releases it into the air faster than 100% cotton, faster than any other performance fabric.

Dri-release® is a unique fabric that feels like cotton and keeps you comfortable, dry and odor-free. A FreshGuard® treatment embedded in the yarn virtually eliminates odor.

Unlike other topically finished performance polyesters that lose their ability to wick away moisture with each washing, Nidraa products made with Dri-release®'s comfort qualities are permanent. They're built right into the yarn itself so products made with Dri-release® always feels soft, always stays dry. Dri-release® beats cotton and the leading topically treated performance fabrics for comfort when wet or dry.

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Moisture Wicking Sheets with Dri-Release
Our price: $85.50
List price: $100.00
Moisture Soft & Silky Sheets
Our price: $89.50
List price: $100.00
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